The Netherlands has a binary system of higher education which includes:

  • scientific education, provided by universities
  • higher vocational education, provided by universities of applied sciences ('hogescholen / HBO')

AA qualifications for foreign (prospective) accountants

If you earned a certificate of secondary or higher education and you would like to study Accountancy in the Netherlands, your first step is to contact a ‘hogeschool’ (university of applied sciences) or university of your choice. In order to determine admission and possible exemptions, you could ask the university for an evaluation of your certificate(s).

Diploma recognition and evaluation of foreign diplomas

Nuffic is one of the largest and prominent knowledge centers in Europe in the field of international recognition of diplomas. The organisation has been designated by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as the Dutch recognition information centre for two European networks: NARIC and ENIC.

Where possible, a foreign diploma is equated with a Dutch diploma. If the foreign study was too specific, Nuffic will at least try to indicate a comparable level. It’ll take into account the individual courses or modules that were taken, the study load and the academic level of the programme.

Nuffic evaluates credentials or provides telephone advice on request. For more information, please visit Nuffic's website.

Foreign accountants interested in becoming an AA

For qualified accountants from other countries than the Netherlands, it is possible to become a member of the NBA, the Dutch professional body of accountants/ auditors.